Wanderlust Book Summary

Today I have a video for you. Our Wanderlust 2016 is coming to an end soon and Wanderlust Book prompts were one of the Activities that we were running on our Community through the whole year. Now it's time to finish our book and so I (almost!) did. Here I'm showing you my pages and talking a bit about the whole experience and about what did I learn over the year.

Wanderlust Book Summary from Everything Art on Vimeo.

Mentioned in the video:


An apple tree.

An apple tree is just like a person. In order to thrive, it needs companionship that's similar to it in some ways, but quite different than others.” 


Cut in two

Grisha and my parents had begun the slow process of ossafication that befalls all émigrés: a kind of freezing-up of their real identity into something that makes sense in their new context, but is a 
semi-conscious denial of who they really are - or whould have been, had emigration not cut their lives in two.

-- Elena Lappin  "What language do I dream in?"



The only time I'm religious is when I'm sitting in the woods with paper and pencil, admiring what nature has come up with.
-- Günter Grass "The Box"



And since you always lived inside your own head, you were much better at seeing the truth about others than you ever were at seeing yourself. So you navigated your life with the help of others who held up mirrors for you.
- - David Eagleman "Sum"


Why did I get so talkative? New EA stamps!

How about a new set of stamps for Autumn? Last weekend we have released our new "rubber babies" on Everything Art social media and website. Once again my collages were turned into stamps and you know what... I honestly love them!

If you want to see me getting excited about the set of stamps (yes, they do make me talkative!) then here is our little demo:

Introducing EEA04 stamps from Everything Art on Vimeo.

And here's one of my first samples, an art journal spread - one of many that I finally photographed today so I will be able to share some more in the next few days.

Thank you all who keep on visiting my little place, though I am not the most systematic blogger ever. I used to do it so much more often and still I would love to come back to that habit but you know how it is... Everything Art needs a lot of work and time every day and when I actually get some free time I just dive into art journaling or reading and that's it. But maybe now since Autumn came and evenings are longer (but are they really?) I will be able to take the dust off my little blog's shelves.
Thank you again!


My Welsh dresser - before & after

Sometimes when you move to a new house all you need is a... new dresser! Well, we definitely had a nice spot in the kitchen/diner that needed a dresser desperately. So Jamie went hunting (eBay hunting of course, no animals hurt!) and he found a nice second hand Welsh dresser that was enough for what I wanted to do with it. I like pine, but not that much, you know.

I don't like when it all gets yellow/orange and it even seems softer than it really is. So... there I was on the next day, in the workshop (this place does not exist anymore as it was by the way, but I will tell you about it in the next few weeks), with my apron on, with my focus on, with my paintbrush in my hand, armoured in Annie Sloan paint. I was ready!
We chose two colours that... well, I'm not sure that were made to go together but they PLEASED our eyes more than anything, so why would we care?

So of course, as it always is with me and painting/up cycling furniture, in the middle of the whole process (or maybe even earlier) I had totally enough. I was getting bored. The most exciting bit was gone (the first brush stroke, that's it) and now all there was was a hard work to do. But I did it and after a few days our new dresser was ready. Waxed, polished, with a few new knobs and totally different life.

I absolutely love how every little detail seems more visible now.  

In the inside of each drawer I glued some tissue paper (this one from 7Gypsies) and I think the effect is really brilliant. The tissue isn't smooth (sorry, I have no ambition to be smooth with papers :) which adds even more of this vintage look to the whole dresser.

Figa is always there, always involved and helpful.

And don't these flowers just look perfect with such rich background?

It was a hard work to me and by that I mean that I just had to force myself to be patient and keep on going. But then again... wow, it was so rewarding. It turned out that the most exciting moment wasn't my first brush stroke but sanding and waxing. Pictures with flowers were taken right after bringing the dresser home - it was two months ago. Today it's full of stuff and you know what... I love it so much, especially for it's colours. That's the thing I think - we have to stick to our intuition and create what we like.

ps. some of you probably see this dresser from time to time on Wanderlust videos as we temporarily use it as a background for our lessons (studio still in progress, but it's getting very close now!) and it works perfect, even for that. 


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